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SWISSPRO's UVAX Technology
transforms outdoor lighting networks into high-speed data networks

Swisspro has focused its development in a unique technology powered by UVAX that uses power lines for high-speed broadband data transmission, thus allowing the use of existing infrastructures to facilitate the integration of a wide range of functionalities in a single communication channel. 


This avoids the need to use different communication channels for each application or vertical, with its consequent cost savings on both, CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) and OPEX (Operational Expenditures).

Our intelligent communication system allows to interconnect the physical world with the digital world, which translates into greater energy and economic efficiency.



High speed data communication (+ 100Mbps). Provides greater robustness compared to other technologies.


It uses existing power line networks to connect physical devices, resulting in broadband communication solutions.


Commissioning and maintenance with automatic and intuitive processes.

The interconnection we facilitate will enable integration of different services and benefits for citizens in one bundle.


Our technology not only allows remote and real time control of lighting solutions, but also becomes a communication platform for countless services required by Smart Cities, providing additional benefits to citizens in addition to producing important cost savings for cities.


Scalability is one of the great advantages of our solution, as you can gradually integrate any of the following IP device you can find in the market such as:

UVAX Smart Cities

It is an information “highway”, which can be exploited by cities, maintenance or energy service companies, as well as network operators for many years to come, through new business models yet to be developed.

The solution also allows to control electrical switchboards in the same assignment and from any remote location, without the need to send out technicians for each eventuality.

We should consider today public lighting as an expensive and underutilized infrastructure, which represents an important percentage of the electricity bill of a city, besides an acute burden in its carbon footprint reduction goal.

To deal with these challenges, Digital Transformation and The Internet of Things (IoT) as well as interconnectivity, are essential tools to help drive improvements in services and benefits to citizens.

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